For a while I felt like floating in the never ending universe, greeting the stars and the stellar trash. For a while I was free from myself and from my world. In this moment I was a COSMIC CREATURE.



Check my exhibition art work at the "Exhibition items" page in this blog! Here you have one of them


First comic series item!

Yeah, I've added some colour!! This is the first of a set of comic inspired paintings. Geometric, of course!!
The finished work will be uploaded soon at "Exhibition items", in this blog.


Orfelie was the 23rd fish queen. Fish Queens, there can only be one at the same time, and they will be the queen for all their lifes. They must have almost 50 sons or daughters and choose from them the perfect next fish queen or king. The elected one must choose any other fish in the ocean to be his couple. Biodiversity is good, and fishes know it.
Fish Queens are always the beautiest, and more fascinating fishes in the whole oceans. And they are also sad and lonely. Orfelie was, by the way, the most beautiful, perfect and fascinating fish you could ever see. Everybody loved her and apparently, she had a peacefull life. But Orfelie had a secret.
One day her horrible secret was too big to be hide, too bad to be understood, and too complicated to be explained. Orfelie had to leave her kingdom and runaway from everybody.
Nowadays we don't know anything about her... is she alive? if yes, where? Nobody knows but sometimes, in their dreams, fishermans can see the Fish Queen crossing the ocean, so as beauty, so as sad... They interpret those dreams like omens of good fortune: a beautiful fish is like finding gold in a river, it means richness, for them. She looks gentle. But Fish Queens take care of fishes, and Orfelie has a secret.

Real #18# !!!

Everyone dreams to look inside the others... Rajala Yogi got thousends of Karma points by showing his inner world to the others. And he reached peace.



Climb the tree in search of fish.
                                              (Chinese proverb)


Sakana Samurai, the bravest of all the fighters, was mortally wounded. He knew it, but he was the only one. He had to be strong for his men, he had to encourage them, get them ready for the next battle.
While dying slowly talked 80 times to his troops, patted 5000 shoulders and raised his glass 300 times. Being mortally wounded survived 100 days. They won the war.
Don't die until you haven't finished everything you have to do.



(We pretty bubbles. We are asleep. Look at us in silence and let us rest)


Holy nail

Oh, holy nail, you're beautiful like a snail!! you scratch my nose, you're soft like a rose!!



It's all about sadness. I was bore by sadness. I'm made of sadness. I dream about sadness and I eat sadness. I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes. Sadness is all around me. And so the feeling grows.



Hieroglyphs and mummies, weird composition. Sand in our eyes. Annoying archaeologists, why don't you go home? For you we are a weird composition.



He felt excruciating pain when they, the two forms, collided. It was a wonderful kind of pain, a fresh and exciting one...



Ring-a-ring o' roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.



Just a composition. That's what we are. If we were separated one from each other then we would be quite common, boring... sad. We are a composition. That's all we are.


Oh, malignant rhomboid owl, have mercy on me. Don't come into my dreams, I'm not strong enough to life with your memory.



I use to live in the shadows. They caress and confort me.
When I'm into the shadows others can see who I really am.



She was melting down because of sadness. Geometrical sadness is the worst kind of sadness. It's cold and it stabs you like a thousand sharp triangles in your eyes.
It really hurts.



His wickedness was so, so great that one day the guards found him rotten in his bed. Then all of them were set free.


Street art

The Holy Squares' gang conquer the streets, watch out! they want to spread and are dangerous!



-"My life depends on my eyes. I must be focused"- Bit by bit, inadvertently, something changed. He became more apt, better. But, did his life really depend on his eyes?



That's not a dream. You are a surrealistic mind, of course you are. The man on the yellow hat told you so, and you believe it. You have reasons to trust him, but you don't know which ones.  Maybe you just want to belive him... Believing is good if you find the way to make it useful.



One of those moments where time freezes for hours. You're trapped. Sometimes it's nice to be trapped.


the gnome of light

Sometimes, at night, the gnomes of light get into people's homes and stay there for one or two days. Then, they go to another home to share their cuteness.



Today I feel like an artist. Artistic.
Today I am the muse and I am the writer.




We come from the land of the sun, elephants and yogies. We are made of curry and mango.



There they are, floating in the geometric limbo, hoping that the time to be separated forever never comes. I hope so too.



My friends, lets fly, fly away. Together we can be as one and cross the sky. Together we can transcend the two-dimensionality.