Tomorrow and until Sunday 21st July, three of my works will be shown at MOBE, come and check them!! There will be performance, sculpture and live music as well. Come!


Very soon, I will have some prints from some of my works on paper available to purchase so, if you are interested on getting a non-original-but-good-quality-copy, let me know!

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VISCERA series #3 Bowels

At last! I have finished the series!

Lie twisted, wringed out and dirty, and you will be like they are. Be selective, complex and shaky, and you will feel the way they do.

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VISCERA series #2 LNGS

Can you see them sleeping? How beautiful they look, growing up and down, filling their bodys with „that“ and letting it go afterwards. „They do something big over there“ I was told once. But they look so fragile and calm...

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New painting in da house... Moth!

Here she comes, buzzing her brown wings in the summer nights. You have been in the limbo the whole year. You must be tired, one year is too much time for not being anything. Come inside, my lights are your lights, so be happy doing what you do. You've got just some days to do it.

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Twitter time

I've got a Twitter account! It is really sad and empty for now, I'm working on it guys!
If you are not a fan of Facebook, or you want to get info from these both chanels, now you can also follow me on Twitter:

@HolyGeometry ( H and G in capitals ;)

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That's how my live painting with My secret Playground at Roter Salon was like!

Brilliant experience, what I had on Saturday night. I performed a live painting during the concert of My Secret Playground at Roter Salon in Berlin!
Here, some pics from that:

The void

 On stage!

 Behind the audience

Pleasant place to paint

 And... ready!

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[f.u.c] bar - live painting and exhibition 16.04.13

What a nice night! I loved painting there, nice atmosphere and friends, thanks for coming!

The exhibition will be there until Tuesday 23th April. Drop there, have a beer and see some of my artworks. You can also buy something, if you want to!!

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Lolu's fight

Lolu knows he cannot fight alone. He has got a bunch of great friends who would give their life for him if neccesary. Lolu is a lucky being. His friends are not so lucky.

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