Geometry and emotions. Somebody could think that these are things that have nothing to do together; however, within its own "artificiality", geometry is nature; nature is geometry and it is all around us.

**Holy Geometry** is a tribute to geometry. Or a tribute to the oneiric. Or an oneiric tribute to geometry. Or a geometric tribute to the oneiric... Anyway, it may be the way I show my subconscious, these emotions I don't really realize about having... because it flows naturally.


From 18 to 21 I studied Interior Architecture, so that's from where my geometrical background comes, I guess... The only thing I have always been doing in my life is drawing, it doesn't matter house plans or artwork.

I started studying music at age of 12, and I stopped when I was 18. Violin, if you want to know more. I enjoyed those years, but I always knew that classical music was not for me, so I started playing bass guitar with many different bands, and I've recently founded my solo project:  Shō Garden.