Orfelie was the 23rd fish queen. Fish Queens, there can only be one at the same time, and they will be the queen for all their lifes. They must have almost 50 sons or daughters and choose from them the perfect next fish queen or king. The elected one must choose any other fish in the ocean to be his couple. Biodiversity is good, and fishes know it.
Fish Queens are always the beautiest, and more fascinating fishes in the whole oceans. And they are also sad and lonely. Orfelie was, by the way, the most beautiful, perfect and fascinating fish you could ever see. Everybody loved her and apparently, she had a peacefull life. But Orfelie had a secret.
One day her horrible secret was too big to be hide, too bad to be understood, and too complicated to be explained. Orfelie had to leave her kingdom and runaway from everybody.
Nowadays we don't know anything about her... is she alive? if yes, where? Nobody knows but sometimes, in their dreams, fishermans can see the Fish Queen crossing the ocean, so as beauty, so as sad... They interpret those dreams like omens of good fortune: a beautiful fish is like finding gold in a river, it means richness, for them. She looks gentle. But Fish Queens take care of fishes, and Orfelie has a secret.

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Everyone dreams to look inside the others... Rajala Yogi got thousends of Karma points by showing his inner world to the others. And he reached peace.